Lining : Sheathing Is a collaborative installation by Denise Bookwalter and Lee Emma Running exploring the materials of textiles, handwork, and embellishment. Using the 60 X 80 inch size of a queen bed as a measure, we created a series of large format woodblock prints on handmade paper, and built a bedroom sized printed canvas and dyed silk tent. Viewers were invited to wear bed jackets and move through images printed, dyed and stitched onto multiple materials into a more and more intimate space.

This project was developed with residencies at Penland School of Crafts, Small Craft Advisory Press, and Constellation Studios.



My home in Central Iowa is 6 miles from Interstate 80. Here the deer herd numbers 400,000. They were nearly hunted to extinction in 1900. Now, with no natural predators the animals feed and shelter in endless rows of feed corn. In my agricultural state they are both vermin and trophy.
Year round, the highways are littered with road kill. In the early spring I walk creek beds and ditches to retrieve their bones washed away and cleaned by vultures and insects. The incomplete nature of these skeletons carry evidence of the automobiles that struck them and the gnawed marks of the scavengers they sustained.
I polish the bones to a porcelain shine and then engrave an image of a lacy network onto their surface. With a jeweler’s tool, I carve the bones and remove the marrow from their core. Once hollow and clean I gild the internal chamber with 24 karat gold. I am building a precious relic of something silent and wild that lives and dies by our agriculture, our economies, and our speed.

Watercourse is a 23 X 10 foot installation of hand dyed fabric with individual 8 X 8 inch sheets of stenciled handmade paper couched directly onto its surface. The dye in the fabric is fugitive, and as soon as it is re-wet it activates. The paper draws in the pigment and, as it dries clings to the fabric and shrinks creating a puckered surface. The paper is strong enough to give form to the fabric, and to bridge gaps between fabric panels.

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